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EYE Edit Lab

EYE Edit Lab is a flexible, hybrid program designed for non-professional editors, to help see you through your documentary edit from start to finish.

If you've been looking for expert documentary editing guidance that doesn't cost a fortune, EYE Edit Lab is for you.

As a filmmaker, chances are you aren't exactly flush with funds to edit your documentary. So you decided to do it yourself. But you're too intimidated to get started. Or the deeper in you get, the more you realize how hard editing really is.

EYE Edit Lab is designed to offer different levels of support at various price points, so you can choose the right mix of self-paced edit training and one-on-one guidance specific to your project.

It's only natural that the time you can commit goes up and down with paid projects and other life commitments – so you choose the level that best accommodates your needs, budget, and timeline.